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Chausson – Franck


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Fin de siècle

Rachel Kolly d’Alba, violon/violin
Christian Chamorel, piano
Spektral Quartet Chicago

César Franck
1-4. Sonate en la majeur

Ernest Chausson
5-8. Concert pour violon, piano et quatuor à cordes Op.21

Ernest Chausson
9. Interlude de l’amour et de la mer pour violon et piano

  • Sonata (allegretto ben moderato)

    Cesar Franck

« Une interprétation digne d’éloges, sensuelle, délicate et raffinée. Un disque coup de cœur ! » L’Education Musicale

 » vivid and emotional interpretations … both share a deep musical connection … D’Alba and Christian Chamorel shine through a self-confident and harmonious interaction, which is perfectly matched. » Klassik.com

 “Rachel Kolly d’Alba and Christian Chamorel respond to the music’s dramatic allure with a passionate intensity that sweeps the music along … it is Chausson’s elusive Concert that proves the star turn here. From these impassioned opening bars, these inspired musicians sound spellbound by the music’s chromatically-intensified yearnings In a work prone to structutal floundering, they sustain a remarkable grip on its near-constant ebb and flow, while indulging its expressive opulence to the full, throwing caution to the wind with a thrilling concert-hall projection.”  Julian Haylock / BBC Music Magazine