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J.S. Bach – The Well-Tempered Clavier first book

AP120-cover Bach Rousset

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Christophe Rousset clavecin, harpsichord

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)
Le Clavier bien tempéré Premier livre / Das wohltemperierte Klavier Erster Teil / The Well-Tempered Clavier First Book 


1-2. Prelude & Fugue en ut in C, BWV 846
3-4. Prelude & Fugue en do mineur in C minor, BWV 847
5-6. Prelude & Fugue en do dièse in C sharp, BWV 848
7-8. Prelude & Fugue en do dièse mineur in C sharp minor, BWV 849
9-10. Prelude & Fugue en ré in D, BWV 850
11-12. Prelude & Fugue en ré mineur in D minor, BWV 851
13-14. Prelude & Fugue en mi bémol in E flat, BWV 852
15-16. Prelude & Fugue en ré dièse mineur in D sharp minor, BWV 853
17-18. Prelude & Fugue en mi in E, BWV 854
19-20. Prelude & Fugue en mi mineur in E minor, BWV 855
21-22. Prelude & Fugue en fa in F, BWV 856
23-24. Prelude & Fugue en fa mineur in F minor, BWV 857

Total: 60′


1-2. Prelude & Fugue en fa dièse in F sharp, BWV 858
3-4. Prelude & Fugue en fa dièse mineur in F sharp minor, BWV 859
5-6. Prelude & Fugue en sol in G, BWV 860
7-8. Prelude & Fugue en sol mineur in G minor, BWV 861
9-10. Prelude & Fugue en la bémol in A flat, BWV 862
11-12. Prelude & Fugue en sol dièse mineur in G sharp minor, BWV 863
13-14. Prelude & Fugue en la in A, BWV 864
15-16. Prelude & Fugue en la mineur in A minor, BWV 865
17-18. Prelude & Fugue en si bémol in B flat, BWV 866
19-20. Prelude & Fugue en si bémol mineur in B flat minor, BWV 867
21-22. Prelude & Fugue en si in B, BWV 868
23-24. Prelude & Fugue en si mineur in B minor, BWV 869

Total: 65′

Recorded in the Dauphin’s apartments in the Palace of Versailles by Nicolas Bartholomée & Maximilien Ciup (Little Tribeca)

  • Christophe Rousset

    J.S. Bach - Prelude un C Minor, BWV847

“[Rousset’s] is a grounded, incontestably considered reading, exuding a quiet, unflappable authority reminiscent of Gustav Leonhardt…he untangles Bach’s protean polyphony with the informed illumination of a seasoned tour guide steeped in his subject…particularly compelling are the massive fugues in A minor and B minor, magisterial, and plotted with long-limbed structural sophistication” BBC Music Magazine, July 2016 ****

“[Rousset places] a reliance on good fingers, very occasional well-chosen ornaments and canny but subtle agogic shaping governed by an underlying sense of steady but continuous flow…[it] makes a sound guide to these wonderful and varied works.” Gramophone Magazine, June 2016