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Xavier Sabata « I Dilettanti »


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Xavier Sabata I Dilettanti
Latinitas Nostra
Theodoros Kitsos, Iason Ioannou, Markellos Chryssikos (harpsichord and musical direction)

Giacomo Maccari Non mi si dica più
1. Non mi si dica più; aria
2. Speranza, unico e solo; recit
3. Ti sovveniste almeno; aria

Barone Emanuele d’Astorga In queste amene selve
4. In queste amene selve; recit
5. Da voi lungi, pupille serene; aria
6. Senza di te, mio bene; recit
7. Quando a te tornar dovrò; aria

Vincenzo Benedetti La Gelosia
8. Son reo non mi difendo; recit
9. Giura il nocchier, che al mare; aria

10 Giovanni Maria Ruggieri Deh m’adita ò bella Dea

Diogenio Bigaglia Più ch’io cerco del mio bene
11. Più ch’io cerco del mio bene; aria
12. Ma, che sordi a miei pianti; recit
13. Son come tortorella; aria

14 Giovanni Maria Ruggieri Vinto son della mia fede

15 Benedetto Marcello Lucrezia

 Total 59′

  • Xavier Sabata

    I Dilletanti

« Then there’s Sabata’s singing, intelligent yet risky, and frequently deploying baritonal chest tones as well as his immaculate alto. There’s exceptional playing from Latinitas Nostra under Markellos Chryssikos, too. Outstanding. » The Guardian

“A genuinely interesting concept … performed by Xavier Sabata and the continuo trio of Latinitas Nostra with complete emotional commitment and dramatic directness”
David Vickers – Gramophone, January 2015

« Conjuguant son sens inné du phrasé à son talent d’acteur, Xavier Sabata nous livre une interprétation humaine et sensible de ces œuvres inédites. »
Bruno Maury / Muse Baroque

“An original and stimulating idea for a recital … [Sabata] has a rich and glorious tone, seemingly-limitless breath control and a formidable dramatic sense, all of which are fully deployed here” Alastair Harper – Early Music Review, Dec 2014

“The main attraction of this disc is the repertoire, and especially the cantata by Marcello. There is much to enjoy here”
Johan van Veen – Music Web International, March 2015

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