Released: 11 March 2022

Reference: AP276


Recorded by Little Tribeca in May 2021 at the Ensemblehaus Freiburg, Germany
Artistic direction: Nicolas Bartholomée
Sound engineering: Nicolas Bartholomée, Ambroise Helmlinger
Editing, mixing, mastering : Ambroise Helmlinger
Recorded in 24-bit/96kHz


Released: 11 March 2022

Reference: AP276

Bach: Sonatas for violin and continuo




Johann Sebastian Bach appears to have had a lifelong interest in chamber music. He was the son of a musician and the father of a large family: playing together was part of everyday life for the Bach family. He is known to have composed many works for this repertoire, some of them scattered to the winds. Various attempts to locate these missing chamber music works have brought to light many uncertain pieces, and it is often difficult to separate authentic works from others that are not.

Here Gottfried von der Goltz directs our gaze towards these compositions that are in part hardly known and sometimes atypical: three sonatas (BWV 1021, 1023 and 1024) and a fugue (BWV 1026), which we are delighted to rediscover. Also on the programme: the Sonata in A major, long attributed to J. S. Bach but now recognised as a composition by Telemann, and an anonymous sonata in C minor dating from the 1720s.



Sonata for violin and continuo in G major BWV 1021
1. I. Adagio
2. II. Vivace
3. III. Largo
4. IV. Presto

[Sonata for violin and continuo in C minor BWV 1024]
5. I. Adagio
6. II. Presto
7. III. Affettuoso
8. IV. Vivace

Violin sonata in C minor
9. I. Adagio
10. II. Allegro
11. III. Siciliana
12. IV. Allegro

13. Fugue in G minor BWV 1026
14. Gavotte from BWV 1019a

Sonata for violin and continuo in E minor BWV 1023
15. I. [Preludio]
16. II. Adagio ma non tanto
17. III. Allemanda
18. IV. Gigue

Sonata for violin and continuo in A major BWV Anh.II 153
19. I. [Adagio]
20. II. [Vivace]
21. III. [Largo]
22. IV. Allegro
23. V. [Fuga]

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