Released: 10 November 2017

Reference: AP165

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Recorded by Little Tribeca at the Hôtel de L’Industrie in Paris in February 2017.
Artistic direction: Florent Ollivier
Sound engineering: Florent Ollivier assisted by Charles-Alexandre Englebert and Arthur Delzescaux
Editing and mixing: Florent Ollivier
Executive production: Little Tribeca and Opera Fuoco


5 Diapason

Released: 10 November 2017

Reference: AP165

Berenice, che fai ?


  • Léa Desandre
  • Natalie Pérez
  • Chantal Santon Jeffery
  • Opéra Fuoco
  • David Stern



Berenice, que fai… Or frantic Berenice. Metastasio’s heroin, facing a dilemma of love versus duty, inspired the great operatic composers such as Hasse, Haydn, Mozart such as one of their female peers, still unknown today, Marianna Martinez, contemporary and even neighboring some of them.

To interpret this colorful character, three singers and an orchestra: the mezzo Léa Desandre, rewarded at the Victoires de la Musique in 2017, the sopranos Natalie Perez and Chantal Santon-Jeffery, and the impetuous conductor David Stern at the head of his period instruments-ensemble, Opera Fuoco.

True actors, these musicians restore the theatrical dimension of these scores without sacrificing the sensitive and fragile aspect of the character. An emotional complexity, between exhilarating madness and more tragic pages, that we find in Hasse’s Sinfonia, from his opera Antigono and of which Opera Fuoco gives us a full version of panache.


In the press

"Bérénice, que fais-tu ?" Du beau travail, assurément.

Cette nouvelle version est à marquer d’une pierre blanche.


Franz-Joseph Haydn · Scena di Berenice, Hob.XXIVa:10
1. Berenice, che fai recitativo
2. Non partir bell’idol mio aria

Johann Christian Bach · Catone in Utica
3. Confusa, smarrita (III, 2) aria

Mariana Martinez · Scena di Berenice
4. Berenice, che fai recitativo
5. Non partir bell’idol mio aria

Antonio Mazzoni · Antigono · Natalie Pérez
6. Berenice, che fai recitativo
7. Non partir bell’idol mio aria

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart · A Berenice, K.70/61c· Chantal Santon-Jeffery
8. A Berenice recitativo
9. Sol nascente aria

Johann Adolf Hasse · Antigono
10. Allegro di molto
11. Andantino
12. Allegro di molto

Scena di Berenice
13. Berenice, che fai recitativo
14. Non partir bell’idol mio aria

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