Released: 13 March 2020

Reference: AP207

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ffff télérama

Released: 13 March 2020

Reference: AP207

Berg, Webern, Schreker




The Orchestre national d’Auvergne allows us to dive into the lyricism of the musical universe of Berg, Webern and Schreker. In the heart of Vienna, at the twilight of romanticism, Webern and Schreker embrace their beginning careers. With much spirit and expression, their works convey a surprising melodic breadth, as the first lights of expressionism loom on the horizon. On the other side, Berg’s Lyric Suite echoes Beethoven and Mahler but also reveals all the extent of the serial modernism.


1-6. Alban Berg, Lyric Suite
I. Allegretto giovale
II. Andante amoroso
III. Allegro misterioso – Trio estatico
IV. Adagio appassionato
V. Presto delirando – Tenebroso
VI. Largo desolato

7. Anton Webern, Langsamer Satz, M 78

8-9. Franz Schreker, Intermezzo and Scherzo for string orchestra, op.8
I. Scherzo Presto
II. Intermezzo

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