Released: 14 June 2019

Reference: AP173

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Recorded by Little Tribeca at the Eglise Saint Pierre (Paris) in april 2016
Artistic direction, sound engineering, editing and mastering: Maximilien Ciup
Piano Bösendorfer Vienna Concert 280 no.51122
Tuning: François-Xavier Soulard (Régie Piano)


Gramophone Hall of Fame5 Diapason

Released: 14 June 2019

Reference: AP173

Brahms: Intermezzi, Rhapsodies




Following a previous recording devoted to Mozart, François Chaplin has chosen Brahms' latest opus for solo piano: Rhapsodies, op. 79 and the intermezzi from Klavierstücke, op. 117 and 118.

The Rhapsodies, moving and powerful scores, express Brahms' sober melancholy. Far from his symphonic works, the interludes of opus 117 and 118, true miniatures, reveal the inner imagination of the composer.

Brahms talks directly to the heart of the listener with his mature and sober poetry. Within these Klavierstücke, the interlude is a humble but generous genre where the musician gathers freely the fruits of his most intimate inspiration. These « lullabies of pain », as he called them, are composed during summer in the Austrian countryside, dear to this sturdy northern German.

The emotion that emerges from it is all the more intense as it measures his artistic evolution. On this journey, François Chaplin brings out a soft poetry from a contained lyricism.


In the press

Rarely does one come across a pianist with something genuinely fresh and perceptive to say in Brahms. Francois Chaplin is one of those few.


Six Piano Pieces, op.118 (1893)

1. Intermezzo in A minor Allegro non assai, ma molto appassionato
2. Intermezzo in A major Andante teneramente
3. Ballade in G minor Allegro energico
4. Intermezzo in F minor Allegretto un poco agitato
5. Romanze in F major Andante
6. Intermezzo in E-flat minor Andante, largo e mesto

Four Piano Pieces, op.119

7. Intermezzo in B minor Adagio
8. Intermezzo in E minor Andantino un poco agitato
9. Intermezzo in C major Grazioso e giocoso
10. Rhapsodie in E-flat major Allegro risoluto

Two Rhapsodies, op.79

11. Rhapsodie no.1 in B minor Agitato
12. Rhapsodie no.2 in G minor Molto passionato, ma non troppo allegro

Three Intermezzi, op.117

13. Intermezzo in E-flat major Andante moderato
14. Intermezzo in B-flat minor Andante non troppo e con molto espressione
15. Intermezzo in C-sharp minor Andante con moto

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