Released: 07 January 2022

Reference: AP270

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Recorded by Little Tribeca in October 2020 at the Théâtre de Poissy
Artistic direction, sound engineering, mixing and mastering Franck Jaffrès
Recorded in 24-bit/96kHz


Released: 07 January 2022

Reference: AP270

Chopin: 19 Valses




Very popular during Chopin’s lifetime, the Waltzes have long been a favourite with professionals and amateurs alike. Highly virtuosic – most of them were clearly not intended to be danced – and sometimes melancholy, they nevertheless retain the distinctive lightness and grace that we associate with the genre.

These pieces have accompanied François Chaplin since his early days as a pianist. After so many years spent playing them, looking beyond their apparent simplicity and fathoming the depths of their poetry, this lifelong admirer of Chopin brings together here, on this magnificent recording – ten years after his complete Nocturnes – the composer’s 19 Waltzes. This complete and continuous reading enables us to perceive them as a whole, stunningly beautiful and full of verve.




1. Waltz in E flat major op.18 ‘Grande Valse brillante’

Three Waltzes op.34
2. Waltz no.1 in A flat major
3. Waltz no.2 in A minor
4. Waltz no.3 in F major
5. Waltz in A flat major, op.42

Three Waltzes op.64
6. Waltz no.1 in D flat major
7. Waltz no.2 in C sharp minor
8. Waltz no.3 in A flat major

Two Waltzes op.69
9. Waltz no.1 in A flat major
10. Waltz no.2 in B minor

Three Waltzes op.70
11. Waltz no.1 in G flat major
12. Waltz no.2 in F minor
13. Waltz no.3 in D flat major
14. Waltz in E minor KK IVa/15
15. Waltz in E major KK IVa/12
16. Waltz in A flat major KK IVa/13
17. Waltz in E flat major KK IVa/14
18. Waltz in E flat major KK IVb/10
19. Waltz in A minor KK IVb/11

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