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Recorded by Little Tribeca at the Galerie dorée of the Banque de France in october 2016
Artistic direction, sound engineering, editing and mastering: Ken Yoshida

Piano Érard (1836), Chris Maene’s collection
Tuning: Maurice Rousteau


Le Monde Sélection

Chopin: Concertos for piano & String Quintet




Chopin’s Piano Concertos are works of a twenty-year old composer and ambitious soloist. Powerful and challenging, their romantic dimension also carries sensitive effusions. This duality is highlighted here by an interpretation on period instruments in a chamber version.

Choices that are as many clues to recognize the musicians from the Cambini-Paris Quartet and their accomplices: Pianist David Lively and Double bassist Thomas de Pierrefeu.

Direct heir to Chopin’s piano teaching legacy, David Lively chose a vintage Érard piano to record both Concertos. Accompanied by a string quintet, he revives the tradition of the genre: before being performed in big concert halls, composers and pianists like Chopin played their latest scores in music lovers’ salons. The broad ambitus covered by the strings and the richness of the sound of the pianoforte respect the symphonic dimension of those two pieces.

A musical quest for fidelity and authenticity to music and musicians, and a gift for the listeners!


In the press

The performances are revelatory.
Early Music America


Piano Concerto no.2 in F-minor, op.21 (1829)
1. Maestoso
2. Larghetto
3. Allegro vivace

Piano Concerto no.1 in E-minor, op.11 (1830)
4. Allegro maestoso
5. Romance Larghetto
6. Rondo Vivace

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