Released: 01 March 2019

Reference: AP201

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Recorded by Little Tribeca in may 2018 at the Studio RIFFX, La Seine Musicale, Boulogne-Billancourt (Figure humaine and Trois Chansons) and in august 2018 at the Abbaye de Lessay (Requiem)

Artistic direction, sound engineering, editing and mastering: Florent Ollivier and Clément Rousset


ffff Télérama**** Classica5 DiapasonLe Choix de France musique

Released: 01 March 2019

Reference: AP201

Fauré: Requiem




Fauré's Requiem, “funeral lullaby” written for enjoyment as the composer put it, has a unique place in history. Its soft, simple and modest poetry conveys moments of gentle contemplation and moving expressiveness which are entrusted to both the choir and the two soloists. With his Ensemble Aedes and the orchestra Les Siècles, Mathieu Romano is committed to render a Requiem faithful to its first performance. We hear thus the score in its original 1893 orchestration, where the organ plays a great role, and where Latin is pronounced in the French way as it used to be.

The clearest articulation of the Ensemble Aedes then perfectly fits Éluard’s Figure humaine set to music by Francis Poulenc. We have never heard these sublime poems sung with such intelligibility before!

Finally the three Songs by Debussy elegantly close the album. Here again, the quality and clarity of the voices are stunning.

Artistic director and founder of Ensemble Aedes Mathieu Romano has established himself as a magician of voices in a cappella scores. And voices ideally melt with the strings of Les Siècles under his baton. A 100% French cast in a 100% French music disc for a triple rediscovery. Essential!


In the press

Ensemble Aedes sing with admirable refinement.


Gabriel Fauré (1845-1924)
Requiem, op. 48 (1893 version on historical instruments)
1. Introït – Kyrie
2. Offertoire
3. Sanctus
4. Pie Jesu
5. Agnus Dei
6. Libera me
7. In paradisum

Francis Poulenc (1899-1963)
Figure humaine. Cantate for double mixed choir a cappella
8. De tous les printemps du monde
9. En chantant les servantes s’élancent
10. Aussi bas que le silence
11. Toi ma patiente
12. Riant du ciel et des planètes
13. Le jour m’étonne et la nuit me fait peur
14. La menace sous le ciel rouge
15. Liberté

Claude Debussy (1862-1918)
Trois Chansons de Charles d’Orléans
16. Dieu ! qu’il la fait bon regarder ! (1898, first version)
17. Quand j’ai ouy le tabourin (1908)
18. Yver, vous n’estes qu’un villain (1898, first version)

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