Released: 16 February 2018

Reference: AP162

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Recorded by Little Tribeca in Paris in February and March 2016
Artistic direction, sound engineering: Nicolas Bartholomée, Ignace Hauville and Clément Rousset
Editing, mixing and mastering: Clément Rousset
Tuning: Joël Jobé
Simon Zaoui plays a 1960 Steinway D no.364500 (property of Joël Jobé)
Pierre Fouchenneret plays a 1840 Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume violin.
Raphaël Merlin plays a 1680 Andrea Guarneri cello generously loaned by the Forberg-Schneider Foundation.


**** Classica

Released: 16 February 2018

Reference: AP162

Gabriel Fauré: Horizons




Designed as an immersion in Gabriel Fauré's chamber music, the double album recorded by the pianist Simon Zaoui with Pierre Fouchenneret on the violin, Raphaël Merlin on the cello and the tenor David Lefort, unlocks the secrets of Fauré’s late style. In spite of their quasi hermetic density, the French composer's scores still retain the charm of his youthful works where his melodic genius was more direct.

If Fauré knew the German composers, his expression is of a different sort. No extravagant effusion in his music but an intimate emotion that is perfectly restored here. Around the pianist Simon Zaoui, who subtly underlines the serious gravity of the last three Nocturnes, the musicians perform Fauré’s sonatas, trios and the autumnal melodies of L'Horizon chimérique.


In the press

Un Fauré vif, ardent, à fleur de peau.

I lost my heart to the rolling paragraphs of the Trio, op 120, the dark power of the late piano nocturnes and the astonishingly nimble Cello Sonata no 2.
The Times

Une réussite exceptionnelle Musikzen

Le portrait que ces quatre musiciens proposent [...] relève du rêve éveillé.


Gabriel Fauré (1845-1924)

1-3. Trio for violin, cello and piano in D minor, op.120
4. Andante for violin and piano in B-flat major, op. 75
5. Nocturne no.12 in E minor, op.107
6. Papillon for cello and piano in A major, op.77
7-10. Sonate no.1 for violin and piano in A major, op.13
11. Nocturne no.11 in F-sharp minor, op.104 no.1
12-14. Sonata no.2 for cello and piano in G minor, op.117

1-4. L’Horizon chimérique, op.118
5. Romance for cello and piano in A major, op.69
6. Berceuse for violin and piano in D major, op.16
7-9. Sonata no.1 for cello and piano in D minor, op.109
10. Romance for violin and piano in B-flat major, op.28
11. Nocturne no.13 in B minor, op.119
12-14. Sonata no.2 for violin and piano in E minor, op.108

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