Released: 22 June 2018

Reference: AP181

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Executive production: Little Tribeca
Artistic direction, sound engineering, editing and mastering: Clément Rousset


***** ClassicaDiapason d'or

Released: 22 June 2018

Reference: AP181

Gounod: Mélodies




Charles Gounod, the composer with 170 melodies, is best known for his pages after French poets. Yet almost a third of them is composed on English poems! This appeal to the language of Shakespeare arises during the 4 years that the composer spent in London.The mélodie is the major field of the intimate expression of Gounod's talent. He meticulously chooses his poets: Hugo, Musset or Lamartine; but also older authors on whom time has left the charm of his sheen.As a chapel master, Gounod is particularly sensitive to the strength of words. The music serves the poetic texts so that they fully sound. Its flexibility respects the articulation and the natural inflection of the verses. That’s why these works require a light diction: the baritone Tassis Christoyannis and the pianist Jeff Cohen possess the mastery that suits this repertoire. Their previous recordings are references in the discography of the French melody and we are delighted to hear the rarer pages of Gounod's catalog performed by two exquisite musicians.


In the press

La mélodie française a-t-elle encore des secrets pour Tassis Christoyannis et Jeff Cohen ?

Un travail d'orfèvre qui sauve enfin notre connaissance encore si confidentielle de l'histoire de la mélodie française romantique.
Classique News

Tassis Christoyannis brille par la chaleur de son timbre, par sa fine musicalité et par la qualité de sa diction française. Au piano, Jeff Cohen déploie comme à l'accoutumée des miracles d'élégance et de chic. Pierre Degott - ResMusica


Charles Gounod (1818-1893)

1. Ma Belle Amie est morte (CG 404)
2. Prière (CG 427)
3. Medjé (CG 407)
4. Le Souvenir (CG 444)
5. Ce que je suis sans toi (CG 355)
6. La Chanson du pêcheur (CG 397)
7. Heureux sera le jour (CG 388)
8. Tombez, mes ailes ! (CG 463)
9. Je ne puis espérer (CG 394)
10. Ô ma belle rebelle (CG 414)
11. Primavera (CG 430)
12. Quanti mai! (CG 432)
13. Venise (CG 468)
14. Si vous n’ouvrez votre fenêtre (CG 440)
15. Sérénade (CG 437)
16. Où voulez-vous aller ? (CG 419)
17. Aubade (CG 330)
18. Le Banc de pierre (CG 335)
19. Au printemps (CG 331)
20. À une jeune Grecque (CG 324)
21. Maid of Athens (CG 406)
22. Good Night (CG 386)
23. Sweet baby, sleep (CG 445)
24. Départ (CG 369)

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