Released: 29 September 2017

Reference: AP157

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Recorded by Little Tribeca at the Auditorium du Louvre in October 2016 (Haydn) and at the Conservatoire Jean-Baptiste Lully in Puteaux in February 2017 (Guénin, Mozart)
Artistic direction: Maximilien Ciup and Florent Ollivier
Sound engineering: Maximilien Ciup, Florent Ollivier, Ignace Hauville, Timothée Langlois
Editing, mixing and mastering: Clément Rousset, Florent Ollivier, Maximilien Ciup
Executive production: Little Tribeca and Les Idées Heureuses
Pianoforte loaned by the CNSMDP – Tuning by Maurice Rousteau


Choc Classica

Released: 29 September 2017

Reference: AP157

Haydn: La Poule




Thanks to Julien Chauvin and his ensemble La Loge, the programs of the Concert Spirituel’s evenings in the late 18th century Paris come back to life. The so called Haydn’s “symphonies parisiennes” are the core of their musical project which also features contemporary composers, some of them are still unknown.

After “La Reine”, Julien Chauvin and his musicians release “La Poule”, which mischievous doted notes are famous, and Marie-Alexandre Guénin’s Third Symphony. In addition to being a member of the Concert Spirituel’s orchestra as a violinist, Guénin was a teacher and a composer. This score, typical of the Sturm und Drang dramatic gestures, has nothing to envy to the works of his more prominent peers.

The disc ends with Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 17, K 453 performed by the young and talented Justin Taylor on the fortepiano. His technique allows his sensibility and intelligence to blossom freely so that the soloist can offer a pure moment of delicacy.



In the press

Le jeu du Concert de la Loge est avant tout lumière.
Le Monde

Le chic, l'esprit et l'humour des interprètes promettent d'y faire merveille une fois de plus, et de démontrer que le Concert de la Loge est à l'évidence l'une des plus belles révélations de la période récente.
À nous Paris

Le pianofortiste Justin Taylor et le Concert de la Loge, dirigé par Julien Chauvin, se font les porte-plumes de Josef Haydn et donnent des ailes à "La Poule". Classica

Une fois de plus, l'intelligence stylistique du Concert de la Loge n'est pas une fin en soi mais constitue la clef d'une approche vivante et profondément humaine de la musique de Haydn, menée avec autant de mordant que d'humour, d'énergie, que de sens théâtral.


Joseph Haydn
Symphony No.83 in G minor, Hob.I.83 ”The Hen”
1. I. Allegro spiritoso
2. II. Andante
3. III. Menuet. Allegretto – Trio
4. IV. Vivace

Marie-Alexandre Guénin
Symphony in D minor, op.4 no.3
5. I. Allegro di molto
6. II. Andante
7. III. Allegro di molto

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Piano Concerto no.17 in G major, K. 453
8. I. Allegro
9. II. Andante
10. III. Allegretto

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