Released: 14 September 2018

Reference: AP186

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Recorded by Little Tribeca at the Auditorium du Louvre (Paris) in october 2017
Artistic direction, editing and mastering: Maximilien Ciup
Sound engineering: Maximilien Ciup and Clément Rousset

Recorded by Little Tribeca at the Conservatoire Jean-Baptiste Lully (Puteaux) in november 2017
Artistic direction, editing and mastering: Florent Ollivier
Sound engineering: Florent Ollivier, assisté de Noé Faure et Julie Grisel
Executive production: Little Tribeca and Les Idées Heureuses


ffff Télérama

Released: 14 September 2018

Reference: AP186

Haydn: L’Ours




The well-known Concert de la Loge, the period-instruments orchestra led by the violinist Julien Chauvin, comes back with the third episode of Haydn’s journey in Paris. His complete Parisian Symphonies recording continues this fall with the number 82 nicknamed “The Bear”. It is coupled with the Symphonie concertante for bassoon, horn, flute and oboe of one of his contemporaries, François Devienne.

This colorful third volume draws a witty and virtuoso panorama of French 18th century music.


In the press

«L’Ours» est ici mené tambour battant, avec des attaques éclatantes et une fureur expressive qui ravit.

Les interprètes s’en (et nous en) régalent, sans trompettes mais avec force timbales. Et quelle formidable entrée en matière !


Joseph Haydn (1732-1809)
Symphony No. 82 in C minor, Hob.I.82 ”L’Ours”
1. Vivace
2. Allegretto
3. Menuet – Trio
4. Finale. Vivace

Jean-Baptiste Davaux (1742-1822)
Symphonie concertante mêlée d’airs patriotiques for two solo violins
5. Allegro moderato
6. Adagio un poco andante
7. Allegro moderato

François Devienne (1759-1803)
Symphonie concertante in F major no.4 for flute, oboe, bassoon and horn
8. Allegro
9. Gracioso con variazioni

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