Released: 11 October 2019

Reference: AP213

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Recorded by Little Tribeca at the Arras Theater (TANDEM artistic residence) from november 21th to november 25th (2018) then from april 18th to april 22th (2019)
Artistic direction, engineering, mixing and mastering: Ignace Hauville
Editing: Ignace Hauville, assisted by Hugo Scremin


Released: 11 October 2019

Reference: AP213

All shall not die




In the press

Aided by a close-miked, warm and well-balanced recording, these players offer inspired, expressively audacious readings full of character, spontaneity and refinement of detail. They mould phrases sensitively and take enormous pains to allow time and space for their interpretations to register.
The Strad

It reveals Quatuor Hanson's deep understanding of Haydn and an ability to curate an exceptional journey.
Classic review

Ce splendide All shall not die le remet à sa vraie et juste place en même temps qu'il fait entrer les Hanson de plain-pied dans la discographie des grands. Qobuz

Le Quatuor Hanson est un quatuor d'aujourd'hui, plein d'une sève qui ressuscite les vieux maîtres. C'est ainsi que la musique continue de vivre.



Quartet in D major, op.50 no.6, called “The Frog”
1. Allegro
2. Poco adagio
3. Menuetto. Allegretto
4. Finale. Allegro con spirito

Quartet in D minor, op.76 no.2 , called “Fifths”
5. Allegro
6. Andante o più tosto allegretto
7. Menuet. Allegro ma non troppo
8. Finale. Vivace assai

Quartet in C major, op.54 no.2
9. Vivace
10. Adagio
11. Menuetto. Allegretto
12. Finale. Adagio, Presto, Adagio


Quartet in G major, op.33 no.o5, called “How do you do?”
1. Vivace assai
2. Largo e cantabile
3. Scherzo. Allegro
4. Finale. Allegretto

Quartet in F minor, op.20 no.5
5. Moderato
6. Menuet
7. Adagio
8. Finale. Fuga a due soggetti

Quartet in F major, op.77 no.2
9. Allegro moderato
10. Menuet. Presto
11. Andante
12. Finale. Vivace assai

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