Released: 23 October 2020

Reference: AP233

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Recorded by Little Tribeca at the Temple Lanterne in Lyon in June 2019
Artistic direction, sound engineering and mixing: Florent Ollivier
Editing and mastering: Franck Jaffrès
Artistic counseling: Pedro-Octavio Diaz
Score editing: Franck-Emmanuel Comte, Reynier Guerrero, Nicolas Janot and Benoît Morel


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Released: 23 October 2020

Reference: AP233

La Francesina




For the French soprano Élisabeth Duparc, known as “La Francesina”, Handel composed no fewer than twelve principal roles in major works – operas and oratorios – written towards the end of his life. She took the title role in Semele, for instance, and the parts of Michal in Saul and Nitocris in Belshazzar. Sophie Junker and the Concert de l’Hostel Dieu pay tribute to her here through some of her most successful roles as the composer’s last muse.



1. “Prophetic raptures swell my breast”, Joseph and his Brethren, HWV 59
2. “What passion cannot music raise and quell!”, Ode to St. Cecilia’s Day, HWV 76
3. “Và, perfido! quel cor mi tradirà”, Deidamia, HWV 42
4. “Sinfonia: Allegro Postillons”, Belshazzar, HWV 61
5. “Myself I shall adore”, Semele, HWV 58
6. Overture, Semele, HWV 58
7. “My father! Ah!”, Hercules, HWV 60
8. Musette from “Sinfonia”, The Occasional Oratorio, HWV 62
9. “Mi parto lieta sulla tua fede!”, Faramondo, HWV 39
10. “In sweetest harmony they lived”, Saul, HWV 53
11. “Nasconde l’usignol in alti rami il nido”, Deidamia, HWV 42
12. “Nè men con l’ombre d’infedeltà”, Serse, HWV 40

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