Released: 23 April 2021

Reference: AP249

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Recorded in September 2018 in Selbu (Norway).
Artistic direction, sound engineering, editing, mixing and mastering: Jean-Michel Olivares
Recorded in 24-bit/96kHz
Cover: le philtre


Released: 23 April 2021

Reference: AP249

Pfleger: The Life and Passion of the Christ




Pfleger is unquestionably one of the most fascinating baroque masters of Northern Europe of the seventeenth-century. Embodiying the transition between Schütz and the heritage of Monteverdi on one side, and the music of Buxtehude and later Bach on the other, Pfleger’s music testifies to the musical culture of Northern Europe. Orkester Nord here proposes for the first time a full-length programme set up as one coherent dramatic work, connecting Pfleger’s key cantatas in order to form a continuous narrative, as told through the voices of its recurring protagonists. What emerges is the story of the life of Christ. A fascinating soundscape.



1. The Annunciation: Jetzt gehet an die neue Zeit
2. The Canaanite Woman: Ach Herr, du Sohn Davids, erbarme
3. Miraculous healings: Der Herr ist groß von Wundertat
4. The Road to Emmaus: Merket wie der Herr uns liebet
5. The Passion: Ach dass ich Wassers genug hätte
6. Jesus appears to the Eleven: O Freude und dennoch Leid

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