Released: 15 April 2022

Reference: AP254

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Recorded by Little Tribeca in December 2020 at the Temple Saint-Pierre, Paris.

Artistic direction, sound engineering, editing, mixing and mastering: Hugo Scremin

Recorded in 24-bit/96kHz


Released: 15 April 2022

Reference: AP254

Rameau: Concerts en sextuor




Transcriptions for string sextet of Rameau’s Pièces de clavecin en concerts of 1741, the Concerts en sextuor were published by Saint-Saëns in the monumental edition of Rameau’s works that he undertook in the nineteenth century for Durand. Hitherto they had existed only in a manuscript bearing the name Decroix and dated 1768 (four years after the composer’s death). These concerts, consisting of typical French character pieces, evoking a place (Le Vézinet), a temperament (La Timide) or a person (La Marais), show the composer’s skills at capturing character, mood and colour.

This performance on period instruments by Thibault Noally and Les Accents brings out all the warmth of this version of Rameau’s compositions.




Premier Concert
1. La Coulicam (Allegro moderato)
2. La Livri (Rondeau gracieux)
3. Le Vézinet (Gayement sans vitesse)

Deuxième Concert
4. La Laborde (Rondement)
5. La Boucon (Air gracieux)
6. L’Agaçante (Rondement)
7. Premier Menuet · Deuxième Menuet en rondeau

Troisième Concert
8. La Lapoplinière (Rondement)
9. La Timide (premier Rondeau) · Deuxième Rondeau
10. Premier Tambourin · Deuxième Tambourin en rondeau

Quatrième Concert
11. La Pantomime (Loure vivement)
12. L’Indiscrète (Allegro vivace rondeau)
13. La Rameau (Rondement)

Cinquième Concert
14. La Forqueray (Fugue)
15. La Cupis (Modérément)
16. La Marais (Rondement)

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