Released: 27 March 2020

Reference: AP227

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Recorded by Little Tribeca at the Église luthérienne Saint Pierre (Paris) in April and May 2019

Artistic direction: Nicolas Bartholomée
Sound engineering: Nicolas Bartholomée assisted by Florent Ollivier
Post-production: Ignace Hauville and Hugo Scremin

Sabine Devieilhe appears on this recording courtesy of Warner Classics – Erato


Released: 27 March 2020

Reference: AP227

Soir païen


  • Alexis Kossenko
  • Anna Reinhold
  • Emmanuel Olivier
  • Sabine Devieilhe*
  • Magali Mosnier**



Flautist Alexis Kossenko’s latest offering is evocative, impressionistic: a programme in which flute, piano and voice together have pride of place. In the company of Anna Reinhold, Sabine Devieilhe, Magali Mosnier and Emmanuel Olivier, Alexis Kossenko blends melodie and chamber music through a fascinating programme that explores the various influences of French music in the early twentieth century. From Ancient Greece (with Maurice Emmanuel’s Odelettes anacréontiques or Debussy’s famous Syrinx) to the Orient, with Jacques Ibert and Maurice Ravel (Shéhérazade), the musicians deploy a great color palette, to the image of Monet or Renoir’s vivid paintings.

The result is a fine picture of French music at the time of Debussy. Music in all its clarity, refinement and transparency.



1. Philippe Gaubert, Soir païen

2-3. Jacques Ibert, Deux Stèles orientées
I. Mon amante a les vertus de l’eau
II. On me dit…

4. André Caplet, Une flûte invisible

5-7. Maurice Emmanuel, Trois Odelettes anacréontiques, op.13
I. Au Printemps
II. À la Cigale
III. À la Rose

8. André Caplet, Écoute, mon cœur 
9. Maurice Ravel, “La Flûte enchantée” (from Shéhérazade)

10-12. Charles Koechlin, Sonate pour deux flûtes, op.75**
I. Assez lent
II. Allegretto scherzando
III. Final

13-14. Albert Roussel, Deux Poèmes de Ronsard, op.26*
I. Rossignol, mon mignon
II. Ciel, aer, et vens

15-18. Albert Roussel, Les Joueurs de flûte, op.27
I. Pan
II. Tityre
III. Krishna
IV. M. de la Péjaudie

19. Maurice Delage, Hommage à Roussel
20. Claude Debussy, La Flûte de Pan (Syrinx)
21. Charles Koechlin, “Le Nénuphar” (from Poèmes d’Automne, op.13)
22. Georges Hüe, Soir païen

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