Released: 16 March 2018

Reference: AP174

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Recorded by Little Tribeca in July 2017 at the Czech National Symphonic Orchestra’ studio (Prague, Czech Republic) and in January 2018 in Paris.
Artistic direction: Nicolas Bartholomée
Sound engineering: Nicolas Bartholomée, Maximilien Ciup and Clément Rousset
Editing, mixing and mastering: Nicolas Bartholomée, Maximilien Ciup and Clément Rousset
Ophélie Gaillard plays a 1737 Francesco Goffriller cello, generously loaned by the CIC.


5 Diapason

Released: 16 March 2018

Reference: AP174

Strauss: Don Quixote & Cello Works




From Romance to tone poem, the cellist Ophélie Gaillard invites to an imaginary journey, both heroic and delicate, in the post-Romantic world of Richard Strauss.

Heart of the disc, the symphonic poem Don Quixote transforms the instruments into characters who play the epic adventures of Cervantes’ hero. Thus, Don Quixote, played by the cello, talks with Sancho Panza (the viola) or Dulcinea (the violin) in a luxuriant orchestral fresco, tender and sensual, where Strauss’ genius for melody unfolds with a touch of humour.

His exquisite expressiveness shines through the most intimate pieces that complete this program. Ophélie Gaillard’s warm lyricism agrees with the piano in the Romance and the Sonata in F major, or with the voice in the smooth accents of Morgen. As an ideal companion, the cellist's enchanting bow leads to an irresistible music.


In the press

Ophélie Gaillard (...) transforme avec détermination la Sonate op. 6 de Strauss en chef-d'oeuvre.

Ce somptueux enregistrement, réalisé en 2018 par Little Tribeca, comptera dans les annales d'Aparté Music. Il galvanisera les mélomanes par son exaltation, sa poésie, son lyrisme et sa plénitude sonore.
L'Éducation musicale

N’a-t-on pas déjà tout dit sur le métier irréprochable de la violoncelliste française ? Et pourtant, avec cet enregistrement consacré à Richard Strauss, Ophélie Gaillard fait une fois de plus la magnifique démonstration de sa musicalité. Resmusica

Gaillard really is at the top of her game in this disc: full-toned and playing with authority, dignity and a warm lyricism [...]. Morgen, with solo cello, transports the listener to a state of ecstasy.
The Strad


Richard Strauss (1864-1949)

Sonata for cello and piano in F major, op.6 (TrV.115)
1. Allegro con brio
2. Andante
3. Allegro

Romance in F major for cello and orchestra, op.13 (TrV.118)
4. Andante cantabile

Don Quixote, op.35  (TrV.184)
Fantastic Variations on a Theme of Knightly Character
5. Introduction Mäßiges Zeitmaß
6. Theme Mäßig
7. Variation I Gemächlich
8. Variation II Kriegerisch
9. Variation III Mäßiges Zeitmaß
10. Variation IV Etwas breiter
11. Variation V Sehr langsam
12. Variation VI Schnell
13. Variation VII Ein wenig ruhiger als vorher
14. Variation VIII Gemächlich
15. Variation IX Schnell und stürmisch
16. Variation X Viel Breiter
17. Finale Sehr ruhig

Vier Lieder, op. 27 (TrV.170) arr. for cello, piano and soprano
18. « Morgen »

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