Released: 06 January 2017

Reference: AP139

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Recorded by Little Tribeca in May 2016 at Clermont-Ferrand, Chapelle des Cordeliers.
Artistic direction: Nicolas Bartholomée
Sound engineering: Nicolas Bartholomée and Maximilien Ciup
Postproduction: Maximilien Ciup
Executive production: Little Tribeca and the Orchestre d’Auvergne


Released: 06 January 2017

Reference: AP139

Tchaikovsky, Sibelius




Founded in 1981, the Orchestre d'Auvergne is recognised in the world of music for the sound that has been created and developed by the successive conductors: Jean-Jacques Kantorow, Arie van Beek and, since 2012, Roberto Forés Veses. On the programme of this album: two masterpieces for string orchestra steeped in Russian and Finnish folk music. Shivers guaranteed !


In the press

Splendidement interprété. [...] Pleine réussite de cette lecture allante, homogène, aux tempi irréprochables, aux timbres magnifiques, le tout grâce à une parfaite discipline des pupitres et à une direction irréprochable.
Jean-Luc Caron - Resmusica

Pari relevé pour l’Orchestre d’Auvergne au mieux de sa forme.


Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky (1840-1893)
Serenade for Strings op. 48
1. Pezzoin forma di sonatina
2. Valse
3. Elegia
4. Finale (Tema russo)

Jean Sibelius (1865-1957)
Voces Intimae op. 56 (orchestra version)
5. Andante – Allegro molto moderato
6. Vivace
7. Adagio di molto
8. Allegretto (ma pesante)
9. Allegro – Piu allegro

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