Released: 04 June 2021

Reference: AP252

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Artistic direction, sound engineering: Franck Jaffrès

Editing, mixing, mastering: Franck Jaffrès assisted by Ambroise Helmlinger


Released: 04 June 2021

Reference: AP252





Alexis Kossenko, flute, and Vassilis Varvaresos, piano, plunge us into the fantastic atmosphere of Northern Europe in the second half of the nineteenth century, when composers’ imaginations were fired by folktale and legend. The water spirit Ondine inspired Carl Reinecke, whose op. 167 provides the starting point for an allegorical programme inhabited by disturbing and fascinating creatures.




1. Carl Joachim Andersen Au bord de la mer op.9
2. Edvard Grieg Klokkeklang (Bell ringing) from Lyric Pieces, op.54 no.6
3. Carl Joachim Andersen Intermezzo, 4 Morceaux de salon for flute and piano, op. 51 no.2
Edvard Grieg
4. Vuggevise (Cradle song) from Lyric Pieces, op.38 no.1
5. Sylfide from Lyric Pieces, op.62 no.1
6. Carl Reinecke Ballade for flute and piano op.288
Edvard Grieg
7. Trolltog (March of the dwarfs) from Lyric Pieces, op.54 no.3
8. Solveigs sang (Solveig’s song) from Peer Gynt, op.52 no.4 piano arr. Edvard Grieg
Carl Reinecke Undine, sonata for flute and piano in E minor, op.167
9. Allegro
10. Intermezzo. Allegretto vivace – più lento quasi andante
11. Andante tranquillo – molto vivace
12. Finale. Allegro molto
13. Edvard Grieg Scherzo from Lyric Pieces, op.54 no.5
Carl Joachim Andersen
14. Etude (Schwedisches Volkslied) from 24 Studien, op.21 no.4
15. Ballade et Danse des Sylphes op.5 for flute and piano

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