La Clique des Lunaisiens


Making memory sing: with his ensemble La Clique des Lunaisiens, Arnaud Marzorati offers audiences an opportunity to (re)discover French chanson, from its origins to the twentieth century.

In exploring this repertory, too often left to lie neglected in libraries, the baritone and keen aficionado of literature brings back to life the first text-oriented chansons in history. These works are precious documents of the past, of the human adventure and teeming musical life unique to each era.

Tragic or playful, learned or inventive, French chanson can instruct, move, and stimulate curiosity. Drawing on a literature that ranges from the world of childhood to that of adulthood, it touches every public, thereby revealing its potential as a communicator, as the guardian of a noble popular poetry that sings to our ears and our souls.

In exploring this popular vocal heritage and stepping outside the traditional concert framework, La Clique des Lunaisiens has endeavoured for nearly ten years now to give audiences a greater understanding of history and literature in its productions.

With VOTEZ POUR MOI!, commissioned by the Palazzetto Bru Zane in 2016, the ensemble of three singers and three instrumentalists relishes a ludicescapade in the world of politics!