Les Ambassadeurs


The Ambassadors and Alexis Kossenko fulfill the ambition of a European orchestra linking historical instruments and a vast repertoire fragmented so far by specializations. Passionate interpreters and inspired creators, they have for their mission a non-elitist sharing of emotions generated through the music experience.

Opposed to any bounds, The Ambassadors created their own eloquent style, in which the grammar of early music instruments, the rhetorical art and the musical instinct coalesce.

Among their various projects that include the works of Rameau, Purcell, Mozart and Rossini, The Ambassadors give a special place to the rediscovery of Dresden Hofkapelle of Bach’s period. Called the “greatest orchestra” for its exemplary discipline, virtuosity and shimmering colors making it the first “modern” orchestra of its times, it is also a European symbol, reuniting the musicians of different origins, and mixing Italian, French and German musical traditions.

The Ambassadors and Alexis Kossenko perform all over Europe, invited by prestigious concert halls and festivals: Salle Gaveau, Royal Opera of Versailles, Concertgebouw in Bruges, Vredenburg in Utrecht, Weimar Biennale, Mozartfest in Würzburg, Festivals in Beaune, Pontoise, Regensburg, Paradyz, Poznan, Sofia, etc. They regularly collaborate with leading singers such as Sabine Devieilhe, Anders Dahlin, Reinoud Van Mechelen, Francisco Fernandez Rueda, Blandine Staskiewicz or Delphine Galou.

In 2013, they inaugurated at Alpha a series of discs entitled "per l'orchestra di Dresda" whose first volume, devoted to Vivaldi, received an enthusiastic reception from critics. Their Rameau disc with soprano Sabine Devieilhe (Erato), who was awarded with the Diapason d'Or de l’Année 2014, the Diamond of the Opera Magazine, the Caecilia Prize and Grand Prix of the Academy Charles Cros, is a bestseller. In 2015, new discs were released: chamber music by CPE Bach (Alpha), a recital of opera arias by Handel and Vivaldi with Blandine Staskiewicz (Glossa), Ouvertures and Concertos by Telemann (Alpha), the latter awarded by "Shock of Classica". Finally, in 2016, "Cantus", a pilgrimage through the sacred music, from Bach to Barber, with cellist Christian-Pierre La Marca (Sony) was released.

In 2015-2016, The Ambassadors realised a Rossini tour with Sabine Devieilhe, several concertos with Blandine Staskiewicz, the project “Tempesta”, as well as the triumphant tour of 24 performances of Les Noces de Figaro (production by Galin Stoev).

In 2016-2017, The Ambassadors perform at the Wilgmore Hall in London, the festivals of Saint-Riquier, Pontoise, Moulins / Allier (ClassicaMoulins), Midsommer Barock (Denmark), Feldkirchen (Austria), Esterhaza (Hungary), Postdam and Weimar (Germany). They stay in residence in Paris (concert hall Gaveau, salle Cortot, Théâtre Grévin, Oratoire du Louvre). The new recording devoted to Purcell is planned with soprano Katherine Watson.