Romain David


“Romain David knows how to instantly create an atmosphere while remaining modestly faithful to the composer, yet without losing his unique personality… as the great pianist that he is.” Le Monde

Romain David was a winner of several competitions: Calgary, Sao Paolo, Bremen… He was awarded three Premier Prix at Paris Conservatoire (in piano, chamber music and harmony) and then completed a ‘perfectionnement’ degree in piano with Prof. Pludermlacher and Barda, and in chamber music, with Prof. Ivaldi, Flammer and Meunier. He won sponsorship from Société Générale, Yamaha Foundation, and Fondation de France.

His concerts brought him to numerous festivals, as recitalist, soloist with orchestra, and chamber musician. His recordings feature him solo, as well as in duo, trio, and quintet. Being passionate about chamber music, he founded the Syntonia quintet in 1998. Romain David has been the artistic director of Tempo Piano Classique Festival in Le Croisic since 2009