A British Promenade

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1CD DIGIPACK – LIVRET Sandrine Chatron, harp OpheliaGaillard, cello Michael Bennett, tenor Bowen York (1884-1961) 1. Arabesque – Arabesque (1932) Herbert [...]

à madame / Olivier Baumont & Julien Chauvin

1CD DIGIPACK Olivier Baumont,  harpsichord – clavecin (François-Etienne Blanchet Paris, 1746) Julien Chauvin, violin – violon (Nicola Gagliano c. 1741 dit [...]

Bach, Berg, Schoenberg, Webern

“There is a link between the style of the early masters and that of the innovators” asserted Schoenberg. The programme of this disk seeks to prove this [...]

Bach, Handel: an Imaginary Meeting

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1CD Digipack avec

Bach: Sonatas & Partitas

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2CD Digipack + livret Gottfried von der Goltz, violin Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) CD1 Sonata no.1 in G minor, BWV 1001 1. Adagio 2. Fugue Allegro 3. [...]

Baisiez moy

Josquin Desprez, icon of pop culture? Josquin was one of the greatest composers of his time, the author of sacred and secular music and works for court [...]

Balbastre: Pièces de clavecin, Livre I

1CD Digipack + Livret Christophe Rousset, clavecin Gilone Gaubert-Jacques, violon Claude Balbastre (1724-1799) Pièces de clavecin, Premier Livre (1759) 1. [...]

Ballad in Red

1CD Digipack + Livret Emmanuel Ceysson, piano Quatuor Voce Sarah Dayan, Cécile Roubin, violon Guillaume Becker, alto Lydia Shelley, violoncelle Henriette [...]

Beethoven: op. 109, 110, 111

By the time Beethoven came to compose the last three of his 32 piano sonatas, written, he said, “in a single breath” and conceived as a unified whole, he [...]

Berenice, che fai ?

1CD Digipack + Livret Berenice, che fai ? Lea Desandre, mezzo-soprano Natalie Pérez, soprano Chantal Santon Jeffery, soprano Opéra Fuoco David Stern, [...]

Berg, Webern, Schreker

The Orchestre national d’Auvergne allows us to dive into the lyricism of the musical universe of Berg, Webern and Schreker. In the heart of Vienna, at [...]

Besame Mucho

1CD Digipack + Livret Orchestre Philharmonique Royal de Liège Johan Farjot, direction Ensemble Contraste Arnaud Thorette, direction artistique, violon [...]

Brahms: Intermezzi, Rhapsodies

Six Pièces pour piano, op. 118 (1893) 1. Intermezzo en la mineur Allegro non assai, ma molto appassionato 2. Intermezzo en la majeur Andante teneramente [...]

Brahms: op. 116, 117, 118

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1 CD Digipack +

Célébration – 10 siècles de musique de Noël / Orchestre d’Auvergne

1CD DIGIPACK Célébration – 10 siècles de musique de Noël Orchestre d’Auvergne Craig Leon (arrangements & direction) 1. Anonyme attribué à G.F. Haendel [...]


From well-loved arias to personal discoveries, this recording journeys through over a century of opera, with transcriptions for cello and orchestra [...]

Cesarini – Cantatas / Stéphanie Varnerin & L’Astrée

1CD DIGIPACK Carlo Francesco Cesarini (1665-1741) Cantatas (Le Cantate da camera della Biblioteca Casanatense di Roma) Stéphanie Varnerin, soprano [...]

Chamuyo – Mosalini Teruggi Cuarteto

1CD DIGIPACK « Chamuyo » Mosalini Teruggi Cuarteto Juanjo Mosalini, bandonéon Leonardo Teruggi, contrebasse Sébastien Surel, violon Romain Descharmes, [...]

Chansons pour elle

Julie Cherrier here records an album of songs exploring a variety of moods and situations, and covering over a hundred years of French mélodie, from [...]

Chopin: 19 Valses

Very popular during Chopin’s lifetime, the Waltzes have long been a favourite with professionals and amateurs alike. Highly virtuosic – most of them were [...]