Musica Imperialis


Musica Imperialis is the first boxed set in Aparté’s new Resound series, devoted to the recordings of the organist and conductor Martin Haselböck and his Wiener Akademie. Founded in 1985, the orchestra is renowned for its historically informed interpretations and wide-ranging repertoire (from Baroque through to the Romantic era), as well as for its many recordings of rare works. Through “Resound”, Martin Haselböck and his musicians focus on recording the works in the theatres or places of their premieres. The Aparté series will combine exclusive recordings and remastered reissues.

This first volume, devoted to music of the Habsburg dynasty, includes two oratorios by Johann Joseph Fux (La Deposizione dalla Croce and Il Fonte della Salute) and his mass Missa Corporis Christi; Porpora’s oratorio Il Gedeone; Viennese works by Biber, Poglietti and Schmelzer; Salieri’s Te Deum; organ pieces; Mozart’s Coronation Mass and Missa Solemnis; and compositions by those music-loving emperors, Joseph I, Ferdinand III and Leopold I.


A 14-CDs boxset by Martin Haselböck and the Wiener Akademie Orchestra in a limited remastered edition.

CD1 Baroque Music from Vienna
CD2 Joseph I, Ferdinand III, Leopold I: Sacred Works
CD3 Leopold I: Sacred Works
CD4 Johann Kaspar Kerll: Organ Works
CD5 Johann Joseph Fux: Missa corporis Christi
CD6-7 Johann Joseph Fux: La Deposizione dalla croce
CD8-9 Johann Joseph Fux: Il Fonte della salute
CD10-11 Nicola Porpora Il Gedeone
CD12 Mozart: Coronation Mass
CD13 Mozart: Organ Works
CD14 Mozart: Missa Solemnis · Salieri: Te Deum