Scarlatti to Scarlatti


Editions of Domenico Scarlatti’s almost 600 keyboard sonatas were for a long time based on uncertain sources. The resulting editorial confusion gave rise to different readings at different times and in different places. A prime example is Hans von Bülow’s selection of eighteen of the sonatas (published in 1864), viewed through the prism of Romanticism.
On this double album the pianist Giulio Biddau compares that version with a recent critical edition. Each sonata is played twice, thus alternating the perspectives and shedding light on two different approaches to Scarlatti’s work.


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CD1 Critical Edition

1. Sonata in G Major K. 13 (F.529): Presto
2. Sonata in G Major K. 523 (F.467): Allegro
3. Sonata in G Minor K. 8 (F.524): Allegro
4. Sonata in G Minor K. 450 (F.396): Allegrissimo
5. Sonata in G Major K. 259 (F.207): Andante
6. Sonata in D Major K. 29 (F.545): Presto
7. Sonata in D Major K.96 (F.62): Allegrissimo
8. Sonata in B Minor K. 173 (F.123): Allegro
9. Sonata in B Minor K. 377 (F.323): Allegrissimo
10. Sonata in F Minor K. 69 (F. 29): —
11. Sonata in F Minor K. 387 (F.333): Veloce e fugato
12. Sonata in G Minor K. 31 (F.53): Allegro
13. Sonata in D Minor K. 434 (F.380): Andante
14. Sonata in D Minor K. 444 (F.390): Allegrissimo
15. Sonata in F Major K. 446 (F.392): Pastorale Allegrissimo
16. Sonata in F Major K. 525 (F.469): Allegro

CD2 Hans von Bülow’s Anthology

Suite in G Major
1. I. Preludio: Allegro con brio [Alessandro Scarlatti]
2. II. Toccata: Allegro con brio, quasi presto [K. 13]
3. III. Sarabande: Moderato, ma deciso [K. 8]
4. IV. Burlesca: Allegretto con moto [K. 450]
5. V. Menuetto: Andantino grazioso [K. 259]
6. VI. Gigue: Allegro molto [K. 523]

Suite in F Minor
7. I. Sonata: Allegro con brio [K. 31]
8. II. Fuga: Maestoso [Alessandro Scarlatti]
9. III. Courante: Allegro moderato [K. 69]
10. IV. Capriccio: Molto allegro [K. 387]
11. V. Siciliano: Andantino [K. 446]
12. VI. Scherzo: Vivace [K. 525]

Suite in D Major
13. I. Sonata: Presto [K. 29]
14. II. Courante: Moderato [K. 434]
15. III. Capriccio: Molto allegro [K. 444]
16. IV. Bourrée: Allegro [K. 377]
17. V. Gavotte: Moderato [K. 173]
18. VI. Gigue: Vivace [K. 96]