Shostakovich: String Quartets no.3 & no.8


Shostakovich was in his early thirties when he first turned to the string quartet. He planned to produce a full cycle of 24; he completed 15. These works embody his resistance to a crushing Soviet power that held the belief that all art should be political. At the same time, he used them as a means of personal, autobiographical expression, aimed at presenting a true depiction of himself as a man and an artist.
Bringing together nos. 3 and 8, the Novus Quartet make Shostakovich’s revolt tangible, while faithfully representing the magnificent, heartrending world of this great composer.


String Quartet no.3 in F major op.73
1. Allegretto
2. Moderato con moto
3. Allegro non troppo
4. Adagio (attacca)
5. Moderato

String Quartet no.8 in C minor op.110
6. Largo
7. Allegro molto
8. Allegretto
9. Largo
10. Largo