With Tango, the accordionist Pascal Contet steps off the beaten path to explore the repertoire of Piazzolla’s precursors. He bears homage to the greatest tango titles with a set of contemporary arrangements, rounding things off with two original works, Stras Medianoche and Valentino Suite. In partnership with Paul Meyer, Contet invites himself into the pantheon of a musician who never stopped reinventing the tango, the “sad thought that is danced”.



1. Graciela Pueyo, Stras Medianoche
2. Agustin Bardi, Qué Noche
3. Agustin Bardi,  Gallo Ciego
4. Carlos Gardel, Volver
5. Juan D’Arienzo, 9 de Julio
6. Horacio Salgan/Ubaldo de Lio, El vals y tu
7. Astor Piazzolla, Oblivion
8. Astor Piazzolla, Libertango
9. Eduardo Arolas, Comme il faut
10-13. Christophe Julien, Valentino Suite
I. Obsession
II. Melancholia
III. Cadenza
IV. Goodbye Valentino